Monday, March 28, 2011

Creating a Music Library

The music library at Yale

     This post is just to give you an idea if you are a music teacher or musician.
     I have a music library. :) At this point,  it consists of a two-shelf bookcase beside my piano. It is for my own use, of course, but more specifically it is for my students to use.
     I have music from several levels and types, including classical, sacred, Christmas, seasonal, one and two piano duets, organ music, etc. At Christmastime, rather than buying each student a Christmas book, I have them in my library. That way several students can enjoy the same book during the Christmas season.  
    There hasn't been much action in my library yet, as my students are all beginners.  But the library will be expanding in the future to include flash cards, music games, CDs and videos that the students can check out and take home for a week or two. 
     This is a project that keeps expanding as time goes on. I hope to have it more organized and categorized as I add to the repertoire.  
      All you need to start your own is an empty bookshelf! :)




Sheryl said...

I have the same! A bookcase that includes music books and children's music story books that my students can check out and take home. I frequently loan out music and games. It's wonderful to see students WANT to learn more about music!

Good luck filling up your bookcase! If you have any books you really love and your students love, please share!

Leah said...

Sheryl,one of my favorites is a book called (Alfred Presents...) "Masterworks Classics" by Jane Magrath. It is a level 1-2 book, and is a 32 page compilation of some simple classical songs that aren't as widely used. It involves composers that we don't see in all the other classical books, but the songs are really cute and catchy! Sometimes I pull the book out and use it for sightreading during a lesson.

Also I have some French songbooks in my library, as I have 2 French students.