Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Musicality

     In light of the royal wedding which has captivated the world, here is a glimpse into one of the people who influenced Kate as a young girl.    
     I was curious as to whether or not Kate Middleton is musical. I found out that she did, in fact, take piano lessons along with most of her family. The following article tells about her piano teacher, who wrote a special song for William and Kate. The details of the composition intrigue me- he used several different keys to indicate Kate's and William's parts. I am looking for an actual recording of it,but it may not be publicly available yet.
     I couldn't get the actual article to format correctly on my blog, but here is the link- you will enjoy it!
     Keep up the good work, teachers- you are influencing special people with great futures!

  Kate Middleton's piano teacher makes special wedding gift | News

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