Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Showcase Your Musical Dreams

     I was inspired to do a "dream post" because of Joy over at Color In My Piano, who is soon to be piano shopping. I think it got a lot of us in the music blogging world to start thinking about our dreams when it comes to pianos and studio set-ups.  Some of you are realizing your dreams, and some of you (like myself) are still in the dreaming stage.

     So here is my dream- dream I have had since I was a little girl taking piano lessons: I want to own a baby grand piano.  My dream expanded when I was a teenager and I learned the word "Steinway."  I am a Steinway girl all the way. (So no offense if you love Weber or Yamaha or Kurtzman...this is just my opinion based the limited research I've done and the exposure that I've had. Your dream is precious to you, no matter what kind of piano it involves!)  
    My dream expanded even more when I played on on a Steinway (a 9 foot concert grand) for a daycare graduation one year....and grew a bit bigger when I went to my college piano instructor's house one day and played on her Steinway.  And then last year I took the plunge and wrote for the buyer's guide.  I fell in love with the living room model, the Model O, which stands 5 feet, 10 3/4 inches long.  Then I saw the price: $60,000. Ok. Pocket change.  ;) Gulp! Oh, how I wish! But dreams aren't stopped by a price tag because God answers prayer and miracles happen. 

Steinway & Sons Living Room Model
     This wonderful, beautiful thing just gives me chills- I can't even explain what grand pianos do to me. They inspire me- they are just sitting there waiting for someone to extract their beautiful sound.

Steinway & Sons Baby Grand
     If the living room model was too big for my living room (which it would be right now), I would gladly accept the classic Steinway baby grand, which stands 5 feet, 1 inch.  I just know that that extra inch of piano is why Steinways have such a rich sound! ;)

     I got a glimpse of my dream  last year when my college piano instructor (the one who owned a Steinway) wrote in one of her letters that she was selling her piano. How much, I asked? Only $15,000. Oh my. What an absolute steal. But still a lot more pocket change than this teacher has. And I confess, I did cry over that piano. If only it wouldn't have cost just as much to ship the 3-legged beauty from New York to Canada......yeah. You get the picture.

     So that's my dream- there it is, out there in the blogging world. But it's still in my heart, still in my prayer journal, and I feel sure it's still in my future. 

     Do you have any special music- related dreams? What kind of piano do you dream of?


Sheryl said...

You go girl! You hang on to that dream. God's storehouses are huge so it's well within His reach if He wants you to have one! In 2007 my upright piano died (sound board cracked and it couldn't be tuned!)...a sad day, but it meant I had to go shopping for a new one! I expected to buy another upright, but my husband decided it was time for a grand! What a sweetheart!!! I went to a music seller here in CT who has an impeccable reputation so I knew that no matter what piano I chose, he would make sure it was the best it could be. I chose a Ritmuller grand - 5'6" and I absolutely LOVE it. It is a dream to play. It may not be a Steinway, but it sits in my studio and makes beautiful music! I tried out so many pianos I lost count. When I sat at this one, it fit me like a glove and the price was workable with my budget. I couldn't be happier! Someday, I hope you'll be able to get your grand - Steinway or not and that you'll love as much as I love mine!

Leah said...

Thanks! I'm glad you've been able to see your dream come true and enjoy it every day. :)