Saturday, April 9, 2011

Theory Terms Clothesline

   Over at Pianoantics, Anne has developed a clothesline for teaching theory terms. I decided to make one for myself, and so far my students love it! I tweaked it a bit to fit my own studio needs, but it still follows the original plan pretty well.

     You know me, and my love for I had that ready, and  my color ink ran out- go figure!! So here's what I did:  I printed the basic design off on blue cardstock (for the blue sky part) and then printed off some extra sock pages in several other colors of cardstock. Then I cut out the socks and glued them right on the slots on the blue paper. Although it was more work, it turned out so well, and I love having those brightly colored socks hanging on my studio line. :) Here are the pics:
I used the clothesline right on my piano, but I plan to hang them on some easily removable cording for future use.

I added terms like "double flat" and "double sharp" to challenge my beginners and refresh my intermediates

...and even the "breve rest" for when we get into compound time

I checked Michael's for the clothespins- they were over $4 a pack. Then I found the same pack at the Dollar Store for....$1! 
     I added this project to my "box of tricks" and am looking forward to using such a colorful and creative teaching aid! I still have two rows of clothesline with blank socks on them so that I can add to and develop them as my students move into different areas of theory. Thanks, Anne,  for sharing it with us!


Unknown said...

Your little socks are adorable! I can't believe you cut them out one by one. Great find on the clothespins too.

Leah said...

I made more than I needed because I knew I wouldn't want to cut more out later...haha! :)