Monday, June 13, 2011

You Know You're A Piano Teacher When....

1. You go to the music store to buy music for yourself, and everything you pick up makes you think of one of your students who might like to play it.

2. Daydreaming includes brainstorming new ideas for teaching aids and 'writing' blog posts in your head.

3. You go to Michael's craft store for a specific item, but everything you see gives you an idea for a musical craft or teaching aid. 

4. You run your errands in town while wondering if anyone around you is also a music teacher.

5.  You take your children to the park and can't help but wonder how many of the other children playing there are enrolled in music lessons.

6. Your local music store gives you a discount on everything you buy there. All you have to say is "I'm a music teacher."

7.  You try to dissect and analyse the theory in the chords you hear while listening to music.

8.  When listening to someone else play, you cheer them on in your mind, regardless of whether or not they are your student.

9.   It melts your heart to receive a crumpled, scribbled piece of paper covered in artwork from one of your students.

10.  The walls of your living room have music charts and dry erase boards on them instead of framed art. (For those of us who teach at home)

11.   Your toddlers beg to be your students just so they can indulge in a piece of candy from your "piano lesson candy jar." 

12.   You can't get over how much you love what you do! 

     Do you have a "You know you're a teacher when..." to add to my list?  Please share. :)


Tanya said...

It's so true! I'm glad that there are others out there who are just as preoccupied with teaching as I am!

Leah said...

Tanya, hopefully being slightly obsessed makes us better teachers. :)

Sarah said...

This was such a GREAT list (and I could kinda sorta see myself in some...ok most of these ;) ). It brought a smile to my Tuesday morning. I'm sure I can think of more to add to the list- I'll be thinking as I teach today :)

Leah said...

Happy teaching, Sarah. Glad the post made you smile. :)

Wendy Chan said...

Indeed this post made me smile too! How about when you scan every shelf and walk through every aisle in the dollar store that the manager needs to "keep an eye" on you?
My husband is also saying "change topic" a lot, he feels he's being "trained" on piano teacher.....:)

Leah said...

Wendy, I do the 'every aisle' thing at Michael's...:)

Kathy said...

What a great post! You know you are a music teacher when you hear music in everything around nature, in a whisper, even in a smile! Thanks for making me smile today.

Leah said...

Kathy, that's a great one to add to the list! :)

Melanie said...

I love listening to the radio and thinking if that would make a good song to learn on the piano. Love the post! I think I'm obsessed with that too:)

Leah said...

That's a good one, Melanie! I do that sometimes...or I try to imagine what the musical score would look like on paper.