Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Although I live in Canada, I am first American, and I want to wish my American readers a Happy Independence Day. I hope you have a great day reflecting on the freedom God has given us. And don't forget to enjoy some patriotic music!


Lacy said...

Happy Independence Day! I love patriotic music, sometimes it gives me a tingle up my spine. I'm excited to see the fireworks tonight! Do they do anything like that in Canada on Canada Day?

Leah said...

Yes, we do fireworks and parades and such. It doesn't seem like quite as big a day, though, as in the U.S. And Canada doesn't have as much traditional patriotic music...maybe we should write some! :)
I tried to listen to some patriotic music through Pandora, but it wouldn't work outside the U.S. :(