Friday, August 5, 2011

Multi-Cultural Music

     Two weeks ago Moncton hosted their annual multi-cultural festival downtown.  Last year we were taking French with the multicultural association, and made many friends from all over the world.  This year we enjoyed going back and catching up with them.  We also enjoyed the booths set up in the streets- I even got a henna marking on my wrist. :) It lasted about 10 days and then disappeared.

   One of the highlights of the festival is the multi-cultural music. We made a special effort to go hear the African children's choir on Saturday morning at the farmer's market. They did a great job of blending together, and it was amusing to watch as they switched places in their rows while they sang, and then ended up right back where they started. 

     Here is a pic of them singing "Soon, oh, very soon....we are goin' to see the King...":

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