Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Rewards of Organization- My Studio Is Ready!

Find cute bookshelf for lending library...check!
I found this bookshelf at Salvation Army for just under $10. It even has a glass door on the front- perfect for
keeping toddlers out of it. :)

 Organize and label music for lending library...check!
The label cards I made on the computer. They are inserted into plastic card holders I found at the dollar store
 Create check-out method for lending library...check!
This notebook will serve my check-out purposes until I get my library entered into Music Teacher's Helper
Buy teaching resource bins...check!
Found these super-cute bins at the dollar store

 Label teaching resource bins...check!
These are labeled the same way as the lending library cards.  I used some wispy pink ribbon to hang the cards from the inside of the bin and then taped them down. The polka dot decor came from my scrapbooking supplies.

Set up bulletin board and incentive charts...check!
At this point, I use incentive charts for child students only

Buy and label practice notebooks...check!
These are labeled the same way as all my other labels, and attached with scrapbooking photo squares. I still have some more of these to make.
Organize teaching aid shelves...check!
The basket holds music theory games. To the right of it is my "Music Box"- my prize box, which I hope to fill with all sorts of surprises! :)

Take picture of finished living room studio...check!


Unknown said...

WOW! What more can I say?

Leah said...

Thank you, Anne. It was a lot of work, but oh so rewarding to get it all organized. You don't even want to know what a mess my lifetime music collection was felt good to sort and categorize it all. I even found some music I had forgotten I had.
The practice journals are thanks to you. :)

Sarah said...

Congratulations on all that organizing- it looks fabulous!

Shauna Leavitt said...

I'm jealous! I'm working on organizing my studio as well. Can't wait to be done. Congrats! It looks awesome!

Wendy Chan said...

Your studio looks lovely, great job Leah and congratulations on filling up your teaching schedule. It will be an exciting year!!

Leah said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm excited about this year, and am already feeling more professional as a result of the organizing. :)

Unknown said...

Awesome! I looooove having bins, too! Looks great and super organized!

Kate said...

I see Parker's notebook there! you'll have to let me know our start date.

Leah said...

Kate, send me an email at

I'll write you back with a couple of questions about details.

I meant to catch you after church last night and got sidetracked...