Monday, September 12, 2011

Fishbowl Scale Chart

     Did you see Susan Paradis' printable fish the other day?  What a fantastic idea for learning scales! I took it a step farther and created a fishbowl for my students' fish to live in while they learn. I had so much fun creating this!

Each child has a major and a minor fish. When they learn a certain scale, I will write the letter name of the scale in one of the 'scales.'  
The bottom of the fishbowl. I spread some glue, dusted it with sand, and stuck some little jewels on the sand. The seaweed I cut from green foam, and arranged to look 3-D.

Found this cute felt rick-rack to use for the water level

The perfect spot for our fishbowl. I drew a fishbowl shape on white posterboard, then traced  the bowl on blue posterboard and stuck it to the white, leaving a water level at the top.

The sign above

The finished bowl. Total cost of materials (that I didn't already have on hand): Only $3
 Time Spent:  1 1/2 hours


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL idea!!! I love it! A real eye-catcher, and beautiful addition to your studio! Be sure to let us see how it progresses!

Leah said...

Thanks- I will. I think the kids are going to love it.

Jennifer Foxx said...

Great idea Leah! I think your students will love it!

Unknown said...

I'd practice my scales to have a fish in that fish bowl! Very cute Leah :)

Sarah said...

So cute and creative! And I'm sure it will really motivate your students.

Wendy Chan said...

This is VERY nice Leah and what a wonderful idea! I love how the fish bowl brightens up any wall space!!

Unknown said...