Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homemade Alpha-Gems for Notespelling & Chord Building

     There's nothing like making a teaching aid to jump-start motivation for a new teaching term!  I've had the supplies to make these gems ever since Joy posted about the ones she made.  They were really quite easy and fun to make!

I started out with a bag of floral gems from Michael's. They have a flat side and a convex side.

     I simply typed up the letters of the piano alphabet on different colours of cardstock, and printed them off.
     Then I traced a gem around each letter and cut out the circles.
    I tried using craft glue, but found that it kind of "glumped" when it dried, and the outlines of glue could be seen through the gem. So I opted for a tiny ring of super glue around the edge of each gem, which dried quickly and invisibly!

I made 2 sets of the music alphabet, to facilitate both treble and bass review games.

     The only downside is that the gems are too big for the piano keys. However, they are perfect for my large dry erase grand staff.  And I can envision them being used to build chords....and inversions....Next up is to make a sharp and flat set so that we have every possibility of chord- even dominant and diminished 7ths!  Oh, the fun!

     Did you make any teaching aids over your holiday break?

Posted by Leah@Piano Playground


Sarah said...

LOVE your gems- especially the bright colors :) I just made my with white paper, but the colored paper is a great idea!

Another idea is to use the gems to practice intervals. Draw 1 gemstone note and place it correctly on the staff or keyboard. Then draw an interval card. Find the correct gemstone to create that interval and place it on the staff or keyboard.

I LOVE my gemstones and am always finding ways to use them in lessons! :)

Leah said...

Sarah, good idea to use them for intervals- lots of possibilities there!

I think I'd like to make some small ones that will fit on the keys too.