Monday, January 16, 2012

The Piano: To Decorate Or Not To Decorate...

    ....This is the question!  But I think I've finally come to a conclusion on the best way to decorate my piano.

     Here's the deal- I teach some young children who in the past have been very distracted by all of my musical knick-knacks that lined the top of my piano. It wasn't cluttered- but that little pan flute just screamed to be tried out, and the little grand piano that rings when you push the keyboard- well, it was meant to be pushed!  Not just pushed, but pushed every 5 minutes!  And the old fashioned school bell- everyone wants to hear that sound again. You get the picture. 

     SO. I decided that a more abstract and less-appealing-to-the-childish-eye decor was in order. And you know what?  It's working!  Not a single child felt drawn to the top of my piano last week during lessons. 

Here's a peek at what I did:

I found this candle holder at Value Village for $3. It was exactly what I had in mind when I went to the store to look- I actually looked twice to make sure it was really there. 

     I found this candle at Wheaton's, marked down to just under $3. I had in mind a more beige shade of colour, but this works just fine since much of the other decor (and the wood of the piano) has brown tones.

     On the left I put a vase of pine cones leftover from Christmas, along with my wooden baby grand and one of  the inspiring wood blocks I got at a craft show for $1.

     On the right is another inspiring wood block, and a lantern that I've had for ages but still love. That lantern has graced many places in our home since we've been married.

     Intertwined around my decor is some greenery- I was actually looking for ivy, but couldn't find it, (except for the starter vine growing on my kitchen windowsill!)  And wound throughout the greenery are some clear twinkle lights, which create a wonderful glow, especially at night. (Who said that twinkle lights are just for Christmas?)

     I'm pleased with the results- a homey feel above the keyboard, making the piano one of the most inspiring places to be in our home (if you're a pianist). :)

Teachers, do you decorate the top of your piano(s)?  Pianists, what do you have on your piano to inspire you as you play?

Posted by Leah@Piano Playground


Beth said...

I teach MYC (Music for Young Children), so the top of my piano is filled with beanie-baby-type stuffed animals. I've got a snake, a dinosaur, an elk, a Fisher-Price fire-truck with a fireman sitting in it, a groundhog (just got it for Christmas from a student!), an anteater, a bird, a beaver, a bunny, a turtle and a panda. I also have a larger octopus that I pull down when we first start talking about octaves. I used to have a long 6-foot snake from Ikea winding its way through, but my own kids stole that a while ago. My piano is a 52", so the toys aren't really within reach of little hands.

Leah said...

Beth, that sounds neat! The octopus for teaching octaves is a good idea too. I was finding it more and more distracting to have toys within reach, but I don't want to totally eliminate them from the room either. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, great job. It definitely looks homey!

I don't keep any decorations on the piano--just a metronome, a box of tissues and a pile of the most often used student books/manuscript paper. The rest of the room is pretty "fun" so I'd rather keep the necessities on the piano. Even so, some of the kids are often distracted when they turn around from the piano and see a colorful game on the other side of the room, ha!

Leah said...

I know- I keep my visuals and games on a bookshelf next to my piano and the kids always want to touch and feel things they see. :)