Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Matching Game For Note Review

     I've been brainstorming again, and this game is the result of my musical musings. :) It started with one of my students who plays by ear, but has trouble connecting the notes on the piano with the notes on the staff.         I wanted to find a game that would help her, but that would also be useful and fun for all of my students.

     Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Michael's had some ca-ute glitter foam hearts on 60% discount (already!)...well, that did it for me!

Here they are close-up- aren't they just chock full of eye candy?! I don't know about you, but I just love anything that glitters....I can't stop looking at glitter. :)

     I peeled the backing off of each heart and stuck them to a piece of heavy cardboard. I had originally intended to leave the backing on and use it to write on, but some of them were crinkly and didn't look so nice. So off came the backing!

     They are super-sticky, so I had no trouble getting them to stay in place. Next, I cut a square around each one, creating a game-piece look. (I tried cutting some out as a perfect heart shape, but it was very difficult and didn't leave much room for writing.)

     Here's how I marked the backs of the heart game pieces: I divided them into pairs and wrote the letter name on one heart, and the actual staff and note on the other. I chose to use "bass" for all notes from bass C up to middle C, "middle" for all notes from middle C up to treble C, and "treble" for all notes from treble C to treble E.

     Here are a few pairs with one heart showing the back, and one heart showing the front. I made all three pairs of "Cs" with the double hearts (pink on white) as guide notes in this particular game.

     Here is how the game will look as the students are playing, although they will be playing with anywhere from 8-18 pairs, depending on their level.

Basically, they are a fun way to do flashcards in a matching game style!
Did you develop a game or worksheet for Valentine's Day? Leave a comment below and share it with me!


Posted by Leah@Piano Playground


Sarah said...

I love those hearts! And your creative note-drill idea.

You could also possibly use these to drill intervals by having students turn over 2 of the note cards and identify the interval- picking notes that were within 1 octave or maybe more if they're ready for compound intervals.

I've been working on some worksheets at my blog to start using next week.

Leah said...

Good idea, Sarah....I'm actually working on a different interval game at the moment. But I love how versatile the heart game is- it can be tweaked for different levels. :)

Looking forward to seeing your worksheets!